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We have the expertise to help you use Open Source software to make your business work better.

We generally work with customers in one of three ways:

Outsourced project development

You give us a specification, we agree the price and the timescale, and then we deliver a working system back to you.

This gives you:

  • A fixed cost and a fixed timescale
  • Total ownership of the system after delivery
  • Documentation for further development or end users
  • Training in how to use it if appropriate

Integrated team member

We work alongside your engineers to contribute our expertise and experience to the project, helping you do more in less time, without hiring specialist staff.

  • We help to identify the tasks we're best at and use our expertise to the full
  • Your engineers can learn from us as we work together
  • We can either provide a fixed quote for a specific part of the project, or work on a time & materials basis if that works better for you


We help you to create the right specification, design the system architecture, and evaluate the best solutions, to give you the confidence to go ahead with a project.

Once it's underway, you may choose to do the work yourselves, buy in an external solution, or subcontract parts of the work. Of course, we can help with the outsoucing or subcontracting too, if you wish.

  • We have the expertise to help you avoid the mistakes we've seen before
  • We have the time to research the current best practice, or evaluate potential suppliers
  • We've seen and worked on a wide variety of projects in the past, so the chances are we can help you get your own project right first time