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You can contact us by email, telephone (including direct SIP), Jabber or if really necessary, by post:


If you'd like to get your mail server added to our spammers' blacklist, send email to Spam@Open.Source.IT.

If you prefer us to receive your communication, please replace 'Spam' in the above address with 'Enquiries', or else Firstname.Lastname if you know a specific individual you need to contact - this will help to show us that you're a sentient being and not just an address-harvesting robot :)


Enquiries to +44 (0)2828 444666 (UK) or +49 (0)221 1694496 (Germany).

SIP phone (VoIP)

If you can dial SIP URLs directly on your telephone, you can contact us at SIP:444666@Open.Source.IT or SIP:1694496@Open.Source.IT


We run our own Jabber server, which is contactable across the Internet, and you can contact our personnel at Firstname.Lastname@Open.Source.IT.

Note: Any email sent to the literal address "Firstname.Lastname@Open.Source.IT" without substituting someone's name will simply result in your mail server being added to our spammers' blacklist - please see above for how to contact us by email.


Our address is:
Open Source IT
22 Barnett Road
OX13 6AJ