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Open Source IT has been providing software, networking and security consultancy services to customers since February 2004. Before that we were trading as Software Solutions, since 1990.

We have a list of some of the more significant customers who we've worked for over the years.

We work directly for our own customers, and also through partner companies, providing expertise to our partners' customers. We generally represent ourselves as being part of the partner company in such situations, so it's entirely possible we may have done work for you, or a company you know, without you being aware it was Open Source IT's expertise you were buying!

Our main areas of expertise are:

  • Networking
  • Security (eg: firewalls, VPNs, email and website content filtering)
  • Systems and service monitoring
  • Asterisk telephony
  • MySQL database systems
  • System administration (especially for Debian GNU/Linux)
  • Linux High Availability and clustering
  • DNS / DHCP / PXE design and implementation
  • Remote & automated installer configurations

We provide a variety of services around the above technology areas:

  • Consultancy (ie: helping you understand the opportunities, and advising on the best solutions for your needs)
  • Design (ie: helping to create the best fit for Open Source software, or perhaps just the right network topology, to make things work best in your organisation)
  • Project work (ie: implementing solutions and making software work the way you need it to)
  • Training (ie: transferring our expertise about applications, systems, or concepts so that you can make better use of your systems)

Open Source IT is a UK VAT-registered business. We are not a limited company under UK law.